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Guide to Safe Boating on Horseshoe Lake


Enforcement of the marine rules is conducted primarily by the Sheriffs' Departments of this state which operate clearly marked patrol boats. In addition, there are Natural Resources Boating Safety Teams and Conservation Officers who patrol the waters assisting the Sheriffs' marine officers. If you see someone violating these rules and regulations, contact the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Marine Division at: Emergency - 911 or non-emergency dispatch - 734.994.2911.


In addition, these officers inspect motorboats to insure they are equipped in accordance with the safety requirements of this state. You are required to stop for inspection when directed to do so by any peace officer. The operator or person in charge of the vessel and any other person on board shall give his correct name and address, exhibit the certificate of number, submit to a reasonable inspection of the vessel, and to a reasonable inspection and test of the equipment of the vessel.

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