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The number shown here is the distance, in inches, to Horseshoe Lake Corporation's "Red Flag" (No Wake) level. A positive number (any number above 0) means "No Wake". A negative number indicates inches below the red flag Level and there are no restrictions.


The maximum permitted speed of all watercrafts during a Red Flag event is 10 mph. Go even slower in the "No Wake" channel between the two lake sections.

You can change the time-frame by clicking on the aqua colored bar above the data.

Find a link to the Washtenaw County Drain Commission lake level data HEREIt shows the court mandated level of Horseshoe Lake.

Find a link to the Washtenaw County Drain Commission MAP of Horseshoe Lake showing the inlet and outlet streams. 

Information on the water that drains into Horseshoe Lake (the Watershed) can be found HERE.

Huron River Watershed Council report on Horseshoe Creek health. HERE

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Examples of how quickly the lake can go back down:


It was 16 inches high at 6am, July 1, 2021 and back to zero at 8:30am July 6, 2021, about 1/10th an inch per hour.

It was 33.67 inches high at 5:45pm, March 25, 2022 and declined to 5.5 inches by 10:40am, April 4th, 2022 (with a few sprinkles in between). Again, that's about 1/10th of an inch per hour.


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